Las personas y los confines del mundo
son parte de nuestras nuevas producciones extremas

Preparamos nuevas producciones para este año: largometrajes de ficción documental ,
publicidad. Si quieres apoyarnos, contactanos ya sea para trabajos audiovisuales, compra de nuestros productos, Auspicios.


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  • Ipsum
  • Dolor

every day we found extreme locations
in the end of chilean road

We created stranger stories in places very extreme. Our team all the time need learn how get the balance with the nature in adversity. Why we do that?, I dont know...We are hunters, we are filmmakers, we are ghost, and this is only a movie.

Airsnuff is our new movie
action and martial arts

Te first Chilean movie about Paintball and Airsoft. Seven woman warriors fight to take the justice in to her own hands. This is the case of a little war between corrupts cops and hight military power.

Gravity of the pugilist
Supernatural thriller

Very creepy and horror experimental experience. A film about the spirit of fight in the midle of the battle of the life and the death. All the human beings fall for the gravity forces

We need new alliances to make posible our new goals

this is the begining of this new month.

  • April the Mont of the birthday of...

    April is the mont of The Birthday of Jorge Mella, the cinematographic celebration is comming... .

  • Tecnologie

    Is important in this time more spaces to put the big images of the world. The posibilities to capture the reality or the imagination today is posible.

  • Japanesse Friend of Maxilarfilms on Chile

    Important team of Japan come to Chile to a Wonderful travel in Patagonia.

  • Music

    We have a great talent involved in our projects.

  • Special Effects

    Now we prepare the prostetic and creatures for Airsnuff.


    We live in a country far away in the map but very close in the creation

all the years bring new suprises, prepare your camera

Then the editing process can recover the bodie of this ghost.